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What make Parcoben different from other ?

Parcoben is a smart parking platform built to help drivers as well as parking space owners. With its Internet of Things(IoT) based sensor network, intelligent cloud platform, and mobile/web applications, Parcoben makes parking a lot easier for everybody involved.

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Smart Parking Application

Parcoben makes real time parking space availability accessible to the public through its mobile application. This will greatly reduce the time wasted in search for a parking spot, which in turn will reduce the traffic congestion, pollution and inconvenience caused to oneself as well as others...
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Our Solutions

Real-time Parking Manager

Parcoben specializes in data-driven parking space management. With our futuristic solution, we boost returns from under-utilized car parks at shopping malls, offices, hotels, retail centers and attract revenue with Parcoben’s parking app...
Our Solutions

cloudConnect - IoT Gateway

Woz-cloudConnect is an IoT Gateway specially designed for enabling smart features in traditional, offline parking equipments. Woz-cloudConnect brings these devices online and allows them to communicate with the cloud based Woz-SmartParking platform, process the data efficiently and make data driven decisions...
End-To-End Control

Parcoben's IoT based cloud application will provide an end-to-end control over the parking spots effectevily and efficiently.

Real-time Monitoring

Parcoben’s parking management portal can show you how your car park is performing in real-time through an easy-to-use interface.

Wallet Smart Parking App

Parcoben's Parking Application enhance the user experience throught advanced digital payments and integrated wallet.

Indoor Navigation

No more hassle, find your spot with the indoor navigation feature and get navigated easily using your mobile.

IoT Enabled Sensors

IoT enabled sensors connected on each spots will provide real-time information resulting in more convenience.

Data Analytics and Prediction

Data that collected over Parcoben can be used for extracting more information, that can be analysed for future prediction.


Download the Smart Application Now!

End-To-End Smart parking solutions with integrated hardware and cloud services. Hassle free parking anywhere, anytime is now possible with Parcoben. The application is now available in App Store and Play Store.

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Live Demo Request

You can simply book a live demo with parcoben, to see how our systems work and how we redefine the experience of parking.